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Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine
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 Full text articles
Safety and usefulness of Laghu shankha prakshalana (Yogic bowel cleansing) in patients with essential hypertension: A self controlled clinical study
Prakash Mashyal, Hemant Bhargav, Nagarathna Raghuram

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1.  Clinical evaluation of the role of Tulsi and Turmeric in the management of Oral submucuos fibrosis- A pilot study.
2.  Subtle Changes in Thyroid Indices during a Placebo-Controlled Study of an extract of Withania somnifera (Ashwagandha) in Subjects with Bipolar Disorder
3.  Anuvasan Basti in escalating dose is an alternative for Snehapana before Vamana and Virechana: trends from a pilot study.
1.  Development and initial standardization of Ayurveda Child Prakrti Inventory
2.  Effect of combination of Phyllanthus emblica, Tinospora cordifolia and Ocimum sanctum on spatial learning and memory in rats
3.  Antileishmanial activity of Ferula assa foetida oleo gum resin (asafoetida) against Leishmania major - an in vitro study
4.  Phasic and Tonic Type A γ-Aminobutryic Acid Receptor Mediated Effect of Withania somnifera on Hippocampal CA1 Pyramidal Neurons
5.  Experimental evaluation of analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-platelet potential of Dashamoola
6.  Analgesic and Anti-inflammatory action of fruits of Opuntia elatior Mill
7.  Antidiarrhoeal activity of ethanolic extract of Manihot esculenta Crantz leaves in Wistar rats
8.  Antihyperlipidemic activity of dietary supplementation of Chickpea sprouts in ovariectomy induced dyslipidemia in rats
9.  Monitoring seasonal variation of epicatechin and gallic acid in the bark of Saraca asoca using RP-HPLC method
10.  Evaluation of the effect of Boerhaavia diffusa on gentamicin induced nephrotoxicity in rats.
11.  Antinociceptive activity of Astragalus gummifer gum (gum tragacanth) through the adrenergic system - a in vivo study in mice
12.  Total polyphenolic contents and in vitro antioxidant activities of eight Sida species from Western Ghats, India
13.  Effect of Jyotismati (Celastrus paniculatus) seeds in animal models of pain and inflammation
14.  Effect of Solanum Surattense on mitochondrial enzymes in STZ-Diabetic rats and in vitro glucose uptake activity in L6 myotubes